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Jackodur thermal bridge

Thermal bridge insulation for exterior walls – ETICS

External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) can help improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings. They significantly reduce thermal transmission through outer walls and greatly improve living comfort – both in hot and cold climates. XPS contributes to these systems by helping to eliminate thermal bridges, which are areas in which the heat is transported to the outside more quickly than through the other components. 

The prevention of thermal bridges is important not only for reasons of energy saving, but also for hygienic and health reasons (e.g. mould formation). Thermal bridges are divided into geometric thermal bridges (e.g. building corners, overhanging balconies and window lintels) and material thermal bridges caused by the materials themselves (e.g. reinforced-concrete columns in a brick wall). XPS is an excellent thermal bridge insulator for concrete components for the following reasons:

  • Its textured surface provides excellent adhesive tensile values (≥ 0.2 N/mm2), creating a non-positive connection to the concrete.
  • It possesses outstanding moisture and damp resistance.