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Building equipment and industrial installations

Building equipment and industrial installations

XPS is used in many insulation applications in building equipment and industrial installations, such as pipe sections, ducts, vessels, appliances, machines and cold stores. It can cater to this broad range of applications because it:

  • Ensures high dimensional stability. 
  • Allows the creation of thin panels with maximum thermal insulation, which is particularly relevant in refurbishment projects where profile thicknesses may be limited.
  • Has very low thermal conductivity, allowing optimised thickness and preventing thermal bridges.
  • Combines best-in-class mechanical strength with low weight.
  • Guarantees high water and water vapour resistance.
  • Delivers easy and convenient processability.
  • Offers low tolerances with a smooth and dust-free surface.
  • Forms excellent composites with laminates such as PVC, ABS, aluminium, wood, …