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Floor Insulation

Floor insulation

Industrial concrete slabs are predominantly used in industrial or commercial premises. These environments are often subjected to considerable stress from the weight of stock stored in warehouse facilities, installed machinery, and lorries and forklift trucks in transit. As a result, these areas have to meet particularly high requirements in terms of wear behaviour. 

This places increased demands on the insulation material. XPS has proven itself to be the ideal thermal insulation material for use under concrete slabs because it:

  • Possesses excellent insulating properties to protect the machines and stock across the seasons.
  • Offers outstanding compressive strength that can accommodate the constant load from fixed structures, shelves, pillars and warehouse stock, as well as travelling loads on lorries and forklifts.
  • Meets the key criterion for compressive strength for insulation materials used under screed, exhibiting permanent compression of less than 2%. This low creep deformation helps maintain the structural integrity of the works.