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Ravago Foundation Slab

Floor/ foundation slab (load-bearing insulation foundation slab)

Load-bearing thermal insulation under-floor slabs must be able to withstand extreme conditions, as in such applications they are exposed to enormous pressure, temperature variations and moisture. XPS (extruded foam) is virtually unequalled in this demanding application in delivering the required physical properties.

The closed cell structure of XPS delivers superior compressive strength and high moisture resistance by preventing the ingress of water and enabling it to withstand loads of up to 30 tonnes per square metre.

Due to these properties such XPS foundation slabs are able to permanently withstand the weight of multi-storey houses, and come with guarantees for their extended life-long use in such applications.

Examples of applications for loadbearing XPS foundation slabs include;

  • Residential and office buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Underground car park
  • Airfields
  • Skating rinks

For builders, the benefits of a flat foundation with soil plate is of particular value where they experience difficult soil conditions, and thereby minimise costs for groundworks. Additionally, they provide complete thermal protection as the load-bearing insulation under the floor plate eliminates the need for thermal bridges from the strip foundations to the walls. Whenever the foundation plate directly borders a living space, it contributes significantly to an increase in comfort.

XPS (Extruded polystyrene foam) is a closed-cell rigid foam providing low thermal conductivity, enabling exceptional insulation values even in single-layer applications.

The latest technical developments enable insulation thicknesses sufficient to meet current and future requirements for energy conservation.