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XPS Quality

Conformité Européenne

Exiba manufacturers provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for their products which allow them to affix the CE marking, thereby indicating that they take responsibility for the conformity of the XPS product with its DoP, as well as for the compliance with all applicable requirements of the EU 305/2011 Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Essential Characteristics Performance   Harmonized Technical Specification
Thermal resistance Thermal resistance RD XPS product norm EN 13164
Thermal conductivity λD
Thickness dN
Reaction to fire Reaction to fire Euroclass
Durability of reaction to fire The fire performance of XPS does not deteriorate with time
Durability of thermal resistance against heat, weathering, ageing/degradation Thermal resistance and thermal conductivity see above RD and λD
Freeze/thaw resistance after long term water absorption by diffusion FTCD
Freeze/thaw resistance after long term water absorption by total immersion FTCI
Dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions DS
Deformation under specified compressive load and temperature conditions DLT
Compressive strength Compressive stress  or Compressive strength CS(10\Y)
Tensile / Fexural strength Tensile strength perpendicular to faces TR
Durability of compressive strength Compressive creep CC (2/1,5/50)
Water permeability Long term water absorption after total immersion WL(T)
Long term water absorption after diffusion WD(V)
Water vapor permeability Water vapour diffusion resistance factor MU
Release of dangerous substances European test methods are under development
Continuous glowing combustion

This is the essential characteristics section of a DOP example for XPS under EN 13164 Building standard. These products can also be declared under other standards: EN 14307 Equipment & industrial installation or EN 14394 Civil engineering.