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Fire safety

Exiba and its members take fire performance very seriously when designing, manufacturing and marketing their products. We work closely with the relevant authorities and fire safety professionals to improve knowledge and share best practice to continually improve fire safety in buildings.

To further these aims, Exiba, is an active member of the Modern Building Alliance, an alliance of trade associations and companies representing the plastics industry in the construction sector with the ambition of improving the fire safety of buildings.

XPS fire safety

To comply with current building regulations, in most European countries XPS boards are supplied in flame-retardant quality. The flame-retardant properties of XPS are achieved by the incorporation of a small amount of a flame-retardant material into the polymer matrix. This ensures XPS board complies with XPS Product Standard EN 13164, related to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR – Regulation EU No. 305/2011), and with fire performance Euroclass E to EN 13501-1 of the European harmonised reaction to fire test and classification system.