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Sustainable XPS insulation

Our members are continually innovating to create XPS products that deliver the highest standards in building insulation, while minimizing the environmental impacts. XPS products usually do not require maintenance and are also extremely durable in their applications, which contributes significantly to their sustainability

Energy & CO2 savings

Thermal insulation, such as that provided by XPS, is the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve large energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. XPS’s combination of low density and high thermal insulation performance make it particularly effective.

A sustainable solution with a short payback time

XPS foams are sustainable building products. After only a few months of use, they save more energy, resources and emissions than was used to produce them and will continue savings for several decades. Specific performance data is documented in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for XPS foam insulation published by Exiba (On the IBU website, type Exiba in the search bar to download the document).

Safe in installation & use

XPS products are non-hazardous articles and, therefore, do not require labelling as hazardous to health or to the environment. Hence, no further health specific instructions on handling are required.

When tested for VOCs by indoor air quality schemes, they usually achieve the best performance.

Various recovery options

At the end of their useful life, which could mean as long as the life of the building they insulate, XPS products can undergo a variety of treatment options due to their durability combined with thermoplastic behaviour:

  • XPS products can be re-used 
  • XPS products can be recycled mechanically or by dissolution/depolymerisation (under development)
  • XPS products energy content can be recovered by incineration with energy recovery